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Research Assistance

Your Partner in Knowledge


Research Assistance

Waterworth Consulting helps you do more

Our team of researchers helps you to better access, analyse and present information. Each consultant has years of experience in processing qualitative and quantitative data and producing excellent reports or articles for your organisation. We can search, support and produce research in English, French, Spanish, Dutch and Arabic. Other languages may be available upon request.

Academic Support

Personalised and Comprehensive

Our team at Waterworth Consulting understands how complicated it can be to navigate the world of academia. That's why we offer comprehensive support to learners and academics alike. Waterworth Consulting can help with ideas structuring, methodological support, guidance in research gathering, academic requirements, referencing and more. Our team are all graduates from world-leading institutions and can support you in your journey into academia. Contact us for a program of support customised to your needs.

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