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Non-Profit Management

Waterworth Consulting provides Front-to-Back solutions for Non-Profits and Social Enterprises.

Waterworth Consulting offers full-service management consulting and performance evaluation to international and national NGOs, IOs and social enterprises. We bring our knowledge of systems thinking to support organisations to be more holistic and to design and develop programs which are more sustainable and resilient to external factors, such as country stability and climate change effects.

We specialise in offering superior service and meticulous, analytical detail in a variety of languages. We can work to considerably tighter timelines than larger consulting organisations due to our modest size.

As a result, clients receive timely, dependable, and detailed services that meet and often exceed their expectations. We envision a world where humanitarian and development organisations are streamlined and effective, with programs that are accountable to their host communities and donors.


Organisational Planning

Theory of Change and Programme Planning

Waterworth Consulting supports new and established NGOs in developing their Theory of Change and planning new programs which are holistic in nature and can meet multiple development goals simultaneously.

This includes conducting needs assessments, baseline surveying, partnership brokering and management consulting to support efficient processes and resilient programming.

Implementation Planning

A Comprehensive Approach

Waterworth Consulting supports organisations to develop holistic programs. We take into account the overlapping goals of an organisation, and the anticipated challenges and use analysis to ensure that the proposed program will not cause long-term or short-term damage to host communities or the broader population. 

This includes an initial assessment of the context, an understanding of the capacity of an NGO, the partnerships necessary for success and the development of a stringent M&E, which is accessible and simple for grassroots organisations.

Implementation Planning

Programme Management

Monitoring and Evaluation

Waterworth Consulting supports regular organizational MEAL activities or helps your organization develop its own MEAL strategy to assess programmes and increase efficiency effectively.

Public Relations

Social Media Management and More

Waterworth Consulting supports NGOs with establishing and maintaining their public image through Social Media Campaigns. This can be as simple as regular posting and growing engagement or a more comprehensive package of managing an organization's public image following an organizational crisis. Regardless of the extent of your public communication needs, Waterworth Consulting can support your organization's growth.



Expert Guidance

Waterworth Consulting supports Non-Profits and sustainable social enterprises in developing a funding strategy. This includes establishing and managing public fundraising campaigns

Holistic Programming: Services
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