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System Thinking

Waterworth Consulting is your Strategic Partner

Waterworth Consulting's geopolitical and systems thinking division provides the highest quality and exclusive geopolitical insights to corporate, non-profit and political clients for better-informed planning, decision-making and program design. 

We map the geopolitical context, along with environmental mapping, population analysis, stability analysis and challenges. We create reports for our clients on these topics which can support the design of programs which are efficient and resilient.


Baseline Mapping

We research and create personalised reports on the context in which clients intend to work. Focusing on mapping and understanding all potential challenges to support creating programs which are long-lasting and resilient to climate change effects or political changes. 

Waterworth Consulting utilises OSINT and HUMINT data to deeply understand the context and challenges faced. From this, we create extensive reports on the business or development context. 

These reports can be offered as stand-alone projects for clients, or as the first step towards creating new strategies or new development programs which are holistic in nature and are more efficient and resilient.

Geopolitical Analysis for Public and Private Sectors

A personalised and effective approach

Waterworth Consulting works with some of the best minds internationally to partner political knowledge with business and development know-how. We have a range of contracted consultants from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, China and the MENA region ready to gather information and provide exclusive insights into regional changes that affect programming. 

Our organisation provides exclusive insights and reporting to a broad range of clients from Fortune 500 companies to NGOs, all with the goal of understanding countries and assessing programmatic risk. 

Topics can include economic viability and policy, military and defence, cyber, energy, human rights, law and infrastructure projects.

If your organisation needs the best

needs the best quality data and analysis, we are your long-term partner. 

Systems Thinking: Services
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