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The only consulting company a future resilient organisation needs.

Waterworth Consulting was founded on the principle of driving efficiency and finding innovative ways to support the public sector to have the highest possible social impact; without causing unintended consequences. The more efficient an organisation is, the more accountable it is to its host communities and donor funding. Additionally, the more a program can achieve with less funds.

As climate change and its effects challenge already fragile regions,

efficiency and holistic programming is more important than ever. This ever-changing programming environment means the traditional operation of development and humanitarian programs is no longer sufficient in the interconnected, climate-affected world that is emerging. 

Being at the forefront of systems thinking and holistic programming, Waterworth Consulting ensures your programs are resilient, lean and sustainable long term.

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Our Team

Our team are diverse and from all over the world, they bring a depth of knowledge and language skills.

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Melody Waterworth

Founder and CEO

Melody is a Conflict and Development professional with 10 years of experience in the political, conflict, development and humanitarian sectors. 

Melody began her career in politics in the United Kingdom, she has since enjoyed a varied career spanning five countries and various projects in development and humanitarian assistance.

She founded Waterworth Consulting based on her growing concern that the public sector and its organisations were functioning in a broken system and, in many cases, were doing as much harm as they were good. Additionally, she believed most organisations were not doing enough to address climate change and intersectional problems in their programming.

Due to Melody's varied career and depth of experience across multiple interrelated sectors, she spearheaded the development of Waterworth Consulting's unique system thinking methodology.

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"My passion is understanding complex struggles, securing development and reducing suffering using sustainable and personalised means." - Melody

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